Anneli Sanaye Henriksson



Ever look at a flower and hate it? *

The paralyzing anxiety of existence is very real.

Using a sardonic approach to exploring existentialism, my work engages with countercultural production of the recent past in order to examine an aesthetic manifestation of existential angst. I create spaces that reflect ritualistic or symbolic attempts to resist the power of bourgeois hegemony in reaction to existential despair. Through installations and arrangements involving sculptural objects, weavings, and printed material, I challenge perceived boundaries between object, action and place/space. My artwork uses punk ideology, DIY ethos, countercultural print production and the political histories of textiles as points of departure and is driven by the eternal struggle known as the Human Condition. Focusing on my imagined physical manifestation of ‘the underground’; I create the spaces, or potential, of radical action; this radical action mercurially includes the past, present and future. By positioning the viewer in a space constructed by political existential angst, the work invites the viewer to ask himself or herself: why do they persist through encounters with the absurd?

(Illustration by A. Burkholder)

E: ashenriksson at gmail dot com